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How to avoid a mouth guard with a ‘machete’ style weapon

In this case, the guard dogs and a machete were used to help the soldier and his fellow soldiers take down a suspected enemy sniper.

In this video from January 2017, the soldiers use the macheted weapon to kill a suspected sniper.

 It’s unclear if the soldier or others on the battlefield knew the weapon was used as a weapon, but the video does show the soldiers using it as an improvised weapon.

The video was released in an attempt to draw attention to the deadly nature of the use of the weapons by the military.

But it wasn’t long before the video was found to be inaccurate.

The military has denied that it used any type of weapon on the video, and it’s unclear whether or not the soldiers used any weapons on the ground.

In the wake of the incident, the military has changed its training protocol and banned the use, use and sale of machets and other weapons, according to the military’s website.

It’s also unclear whether the soldier who was killed was wearing a body armor when he was killed, which could have prevented him from taking a blow from a sniper’s weapon.

The soldiers were given orders to use a weapon “as an aid to the operation,” the military said in a statement, but it also acknowledged that they could have been less prepared for the situation.

Soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division have been ordered to undergo additional training and review procedures on how to use such weapons.

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