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Leaf Guards to be $7.49 in New Zealand

New Zealand is about to embark on a major new product rollout, which is expected to cost a bit more than a traditional hose and filter.

Red Guard, a company founded in 2016, is aiming to sell its leaf guards to consumers as well as businesses, including the New Zealand Army and New Zealand Defence Forces.

Red guard is selling its new Leaf Guards at a range of price points and the company has announced plans to launch the products in 2019.

The Leaf Guards, which have been available in the US for some time, have come with some of the biggest benefits for a company trying to sell an army hose and an army filter.

The biggest of the Leaf Guards is its capacity to help prevent the spread of Legionella.

Red Guard says its Leaf Guards can filter and disinfect water while keeping bacteria at bay.

While Legionella can cause diarrhoea, it’s much less likely to be a problem for a person who is not an infected person, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The other main benefit of using Leaf Guards over conventional hose and filters is that they can keep the temperature inside your home from rising.

This allows for cooling and ventilation without overheating your home.

“We’re seeing people being less likely and less worried about staying cool in the winter and in the summer,” Red Guard CEO and founder Mark Reeder said in a press release.

“And we’ve been able to do that with our Leaf Guards.

They’re actually much cooler than a regular hose and they’re very quiet.”

Red Guard has launched its Leaf Guard line in New England and Canada, and has a similar product in the Philippines.

It also sells the Leaf Guard Gutters in Australia, where the company also sells a filter.

For more details on the LeafGuard, check out Red Guard’s product page.

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