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National Guard Make-Up Army recruits with baby rashguard report: “They have no idea what’s happening”

Army recruits with baby rashguard report: “They have no idea what’s happening”

In a case that has drawn national attention and sparked calls for the Army to address the rash guard and other health concerns, a senior Army general said on Tuesday that the recruits with the rashguard, which is a type of guard worn on a person’s arms and legs, have no clue what’s going on.

The rashguard is a protective garment that protects the skin from infections and burns from direct sun exposure.

It is designed to protect the person from being burned in hot environments.

In the Army, the rashguards are worn on the arms and sometimes legs.

The Army is working to get the rash guards off recruits and the public as a whole, Maj. Gen. David P. Smith, the commanding general of the Army’s Reserves, told Army News.

Smith said that during a recent inspection of recruits wearing the rashguards, the Army found that one recruit had a rashguard that had been exposed to direct sun.

The rashguard was then removed and the recruits were asked to wear the protective garment on their arms.

The soldiers who were wearing the protective rashguard were asked not to wear it for 30 days.

Smith told Army news that the rashGuard was made by a company called MTS, Inc. that manufactures the protective garments that were tested and found to be non-flammable.MTS has not responded to Fox News requests for comment.

The U.S. Army is not the only military branch to have an outbreak of the rash Guard.

The Army has had a similar outbreak of a similar rashguard worn on an individual’s arm and leg since May.

According to the Army website, soldiers wearing the non-flammable rashguard are not considered to have a burn on their skin.

But the rash Guards are not fireproof, and they can be exposed to flame and sparks from fire.

The National Guard has not received any reports of burns or other injuries.

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