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National Guard Lifestyle New Hampshire’s National Guard to allow transgender recruits to serve

New Hampshire’s National Guard to allow transgender recruits to serve

NEW HAMPSHIRE, N.H. — New Hampshire’s national guard is expanding its transgender recruit program, allowing transgender recruits in the state to serve, The Associated Press has learned.

The change is expected to allow about 10,000 transgender recruits who have served in the armed forces to join the state’s national Guard, which currently includes only male-to-female and male-only transgender troops.

The state’s National Guardsman Association said in a statement it was a “step in the right direction” for the state and a testament to the need to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all troops.

“This is a great step forward for the transgender troops in the National Guard,” said National Guard spokesman Paul Veal.

“We appreciate the leadership from our members in New Hampshire and will work to ensure this is a seamless transition for all.”

The announcement by the Guard comes after New Hampshire Gov.

Maggie Hassan (D) signed a law in April allowing transgender people to serve in the military.

Under that law, transgender people are allowed to serve openly, without being subjected to discrimination.

The New Hampshire National Guard will allow transgender soldiers to enlist as of July 1.

Transgender troops currently have no choice in the service, but are required to register with the Guard as men, or women, to serve as members.

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