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National Guard About Missouri’s Lions cast for the national guard

Missouri’s Lions cast for the national guard

The Missouri National Guard is on the hunt for a new mascot for the Missouri State University football team, which has a legion of alumni who have become synonymous with the team.

The team has used the mascot “Lion” on its helmets since 2003.

The mascot was first used on the team’s helmets during the 2011 season.

The team has also used the lion in a mascot contest.

The National Guard says it is searching for a mascot that is “similar in tone and color to the mascot that was used during the recent State of the Game event held on campus.”

A source told the Kansas City Star the team is looking for a “more contemporary and well-crafted mascot.”

The team hopes to get the mascot for at least the first game this season.

It is unclear if the team will use the lion again.

The Missouri National Guardsmen are currently recruiting the mascot, but the club’s general manager has said the mascot would not be used during football games.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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