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National Guard About Why is it that there are no police in Britain?

Why is it that there are no police in Britain?

A new poll shows that the public is unsure of what to make of the ongoing police crackdown in Britain, and they’re not happy with it. 

It was revealed on Sunday that the number of police officers has dropped by 30 percent in the last year, with many saying they have to go on holiday or find another job.

The survey, conducted by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), showed that while the number is still above the government’s target of 2,000 officers, the number has fallen by 15 percent since 2015. 

The survey found that there is a huge gap between the number who think there should be fewer police and those who believe the government is doing a good job. 

When asked what they would do if they had a choice, 46 percent of those surveyed said they would not go on vacation or find a new job.

Another 31 percent said they could stay home, while 10 percent said it was impossible to work at all. 

But, when it came to the police themselves, nearly half of those polled said they were unsure of whether they would want to work in the police force in the future. 

According to IPPR, only 28 percent of people said they believed the police have done a good or excellent job, while 57 percent said that they were not sure. 

Only 21 percent said the police were doing a bad job, with only 35 percent saying they were doing good. 

On the positive side, 55 percent said there was a lack of corruption within the police, while 47 percent said their experience with police officers had improved over the past few years.

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