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The Raven guard is the ultimate team defense.

The Raven Guard is a defensive team, and they are a really great team.

In this article I’m going to take a look at some of the best teams that can be found in the game today, and then I’m gonna look at why I think they’re the best.


The Wolves of Space: The Wolves are a very versatile team.

They have players that can play either defense or offense, and can both play off of each other and take on the game as a team.

There are some pretty versatile players on the team, including one of the better defensive wings in the league in Nikita Kucherov, and two very solid goalies in Pekka Rinne and Henrik Lundqvist.

They also have a really talented goaltender in Jaroslav Halak.

Their goalie is one of my favorite in the entire NHL, and is a beast in the crease.

They even have one of NHL’s best goalies who has been a staple in the League for a long time.

In short, they have a solid team defense that can match up with pretty much anyone on any given night.

The one problem that they have is their goalies.

They’re always one-dimensional and rely on a very low-end skill set.

They are always going to get beat on the power play, and that can lead to the teams goals being scored, so it’s not like they’re a great team defense-wise. 


The Canucks: The Canucks have a similar system to the one the Ravens use.

They’ve got two really good defensemen in Dan Hamhuis and Erik Gudbranson, and have a third guy in Alex Burrows.

They really do have a lot of players who can play the wing or play the center.

But that’s where the problem comes in.

Their defense is very predictable, and when they have good forwards like Cam Fowler and Christian Ehrhoff, they can get away with a lot.

On top of that, they don’t really have a top line that can really move the puck around and create offense, which makes them susceptible to any kind of breakout.

They play a lot on the penalty kill, which means they’re very prone to getting outshot and taking bad penalties. 


The Lightning: The Lightning are an underrated team. 

When I first heard about them I didn’t know what to expect from them.

They had a ton of top-line players, and some of them were good, but they just had a lot that was lacking.

When I heard that they had the best power play in the NHL, I knew that was the direction they wanted to go.

They already have a great penalty kill team and can take some heavy penalties.

They do have an interesting goalie situation where they don’ have a true goalie of their own, but with Ryan Miller and Vladislav Namestnikov, they do have some of hockey’s best power-play specialists. 


The Wild: The Wild have a very strong team defense, and a solid penalty kill.

They get their top-end forwards in Mikko Koivu and Zach Parise, and their top defensemen from Shea Weber and Ryan Suter.

But they’re also a team that can switch between different types of defense, from solid top-four defense with Jonas Brodin and Jason Pominville, to strong top-pairing defense with Ryan Sutter and Jason Zucker.

They can also play a shutdown style. 


The Blues: The Blues are a solid defense, but there are some problems on the defense.

They only have one really good defenseman, but he’s the best on the roster, and he’s not a defenseman at all.

They still have a ton that can get them out of trouble, like Vladimir Tarasenko, and Alex Pietrangelo, and all their top forwards, but their defense can be inconsistent.

They’ll lose a lot in the playoffs, especially when their best forward is on the wing, and if they can’t get a lot done on the back end, they could end up playing on the outside of their zone and relying on their defensemen. 


The Sabres: The Sabres are a great defensive team.

Their defensive depth is really good, and the team has some great forwards.

However, they are also one of few teams that have a goalie that has been on the ice for nearly 100 games.

They could have one or two good goalies, but at the same time they could use some good goaltending and a goalie coach who can teach them how to be good in the net.

They just have so many problems. 


The Rangers: The Rangers are a team with an awesome defense, one of most dynamic on the blue line, and one of only two teams in the West that have at least one really effective defenseman.

Their power play is extremely good, with a few top-tier players

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