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National Guard Make-Up What the hell is this? Coast Guard portal in the Philippines?

What the hell is this? Coast Guard portal in the Philippines?

This article was first published on February 10, 2018 11:02:30.

The Philippines is a country that has been undergoing a massive change of culture since it was brought to the World Trade Organization.

The country has undergone a cultural change that has left many to question what the purpose of the Coast Guard is.

Many people believe the Coast Guards are simply a means to enforce immigration laws and provide protection to foreigners.

Others say the Coast guard is just a way to provide security to the country, but the reality is that many people are not sure of the true nature of the agency.

Some believe that the Coast guards are merely an instrument to enforce the laws and rules of the country.

It is difficult to determine the truth.

But there is no denying that many believe that their country has gone through a major cultural change and the Coastguard is just an instrument of enforcing immigration laws.

There are over 2,000 Coast Guard installations in the country and many of them are run by the government.

Some of these installations are in coastal areas.

But these are the only Coast Guard locations that have been reported to be operating under the guise of the National Defense Security Command.

This is a fact that many have questioned and there are some who believe that these are merely front offices.

However, there are many other Coast Guard units that have also been operating under other names and the government is claiming that they are still part of the government and not part of an agency.

One of these is the Coast Defense Command (CDC).

According to the Department of National Defense (DND), it is a unit of the Department to be used to carry out counter-piracy operations and security missions.

The Coast Defense Commander is a former Philippine president who is still the chairman of the PACCOM (Philippine Coast Guard).

However, his name is not on the PACCom website.

In the past, many in the government claimed that the CBT was just a front for the Government.

The CBT is part of DND, but it is not a part of its National Defense.

There is no evidence to back up this claim.

So, there is nothing to suggest that the Department is a front of the Government, or that it is an agency for the State to use to enforce its policies.

The other part of this theory is that the government wants to keep the public confused.

The idea is that it will be difficult for the public to understand the real purpose of these institutions.

This would also explain why there are so many fake Coast Guard posts in the Philippine cities.

There have been reports of fake Coast guard posts in Manila and other areas of the island of Mindanao.

These fake posts were posted in an attempt to confuse and deceive the public.

There were even reports that a fake Coastguard post was found in San Jose, where the Department had placed several fake posts.

There was even a fake Facebook post that had the words “Fake Coast Guard post” on it.

However in reality, the Coast defense posts are fake posts that were made up to confuse the public, to confuse other people, and to create the illusion of a government agency.

The real purpose for the Coast defenses is not to provide protection, but to provide a distraction from the true purpose of government: security.

These Coast defenses serve the purposes of an anti-piracy mission, but they also serve the purpose to create a sense of insecurity among the population.

Many believe that this is a direct result of the current political climate and the country’s ongoing economic difficulties.

They believe that it creates a climate where the people are more easily manipulated and manipulated by the Government and by foreign powers.

There seems to be no evidence that these Coast defense operations are actually conducted by the Coast Protection Command, but this is also not the case.

The Philippine Coast Guard has an active program called the Coast Defenses Program (CDDP).

This program is designed to provide support to the Philippine Navy in protecting coastal areas and to provide an alternative to the military.

The CDDP has a budget of P1,000 million annually and its goals are to provide assistance to coastal communities in areas where maritime and other security issues are particularly significant, as well as to provide information and assistance to people on the islands, including those living in the communities, and the military, and other law enforcement agencies.

There has also been reports that the CDDP is part and parcel of the national defense, and that it also supports the Philippine military.

This should come as no surprise to anyone who has read the news reports and the accounts that have surfaced on social media sites.

There really are many Coast defense sites operating in the islands of Mindang and Pagasa in Mindanaopulang province, where many people believe that there are also fake Coast Defense posts operating.

In these posts, the person who posted the posts often claims that the posts are real and they are actually from the CDSP,

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