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Manus Island: The island’s latest crisis in a nutshell

Manus: A month ago, the first sign of trouble emerged in the camp housing asylum seekers, when the camp was rocked by what appeared to be a water-logged wall.

The water had risen from the top of the camp to a height of about 50 metres (165 feet), forcing people inside to wait until it could be cleared.

On February 25, the camp suffered yet another water crisis when the water began to fall again.

The incident was captured on video, and the video has since gone viral.

The footage shows water flowing into the camp and falling back down again.

As the video shows, the water is still rising up, and it is not clear what caused the water to rise to such heights.

Manus Asylum seekers wait for their boat to be unloaded at the port of Manus, in the Indian Ocean island of Nauru.

They have been detained on Manus for more than a month in the centre of the island, where they are being held in conditions similar to those on Manumans Island.

The detention centre on Manuss is one of many on the island.

It is also the centre for some of the most traumatised asylum seekers and refugees.

The PNG government has been criticized for its treatment of asylum seekers on Manuskas Island.

This week, PNG announced that it would close the centre, and would move people to a detention centre to avoid “further disruption”.

The PNG Government has been accused of mistreating the asylum seekers at the centre.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection says that “the situation on Manukas Island has improved substantially since the initial incident on February 25”.

However, there are reports that the PNG Government is still planning to move some of its asylum seekers to the detention centre.

“In the current situation, it is very likely that some of these asylum seekers will continue to be detained in PNG and PNG will continue with the process of moving them to the centres of NAROC [Nauru’s offshore processing centre] and Manus,” the Department of Border Protection told ABC News.

The ABC has obtained the following statement from the Department: PNG has taken measures to mitigate the risks posed by the water in the Manus Camp.

This includes reducing the height of the water intake pipes and the use of new water supply lines to provide water to the camp from a new distribution point in the harbour.

There is also a large flow of water to and from the camp, and a large volume of fresh water is delivered to the facility each day.

This water supply is supplied from a large, highly efficient, water distribution plant that is used to supply the entire island of Manuss.

PNG is committed to ensuring the safe and secure detention of all asylum seekers in its custody.

The Manus Immigration Detention Centre on Manuscas Island, Papua New Guinea.

Source: PNG Immigration Detention Facility PNG has released a statement saying that the detention facility is working with the authorities to ensure the safe, secure detention and discharge of the detainees.

The statement from PNG Immigration detention facility says: “There is a significant and ongoing issue with the water supply.

We are working closely with the PNG authorities to address this issue.

We continue to work closely with other facilities across PNG to ensure that this issue is addressed, and we will continue working with PNG authorities as part of their efforts to resolve this issue.”

A PNG Government spokesperson told ABC Radio Perth that the facility is “working to address the water issues” and that it was “not a matter of the government taking responsibility for the situation”. “

We continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the PNG government to ensure these vulnerable individuals are transferred to the appropriate facility and we are also working closely to ensure they are transferred safely to their country of origin.”

A PNG Government spokesperson told ABC Radio Perth that the facility is “working to address the water issues” and that it was “not a matter of the government taking responsibility for the situation”.

“The issue has been addressed and the facility has been working to ensure there is a safe and orderly discharge of all the people,” the spokesperson said.

Manu Manus asylum seekers have been on Manuka Island, near the island of Christmas Island, for more in the past few weeks, and they have been waiting to be released.

But the situation at Manus is getting worse by the day.

Manuskamis Island is one-third the size of Manucas Island and has been under lockdown since February 18.

As of March 6, the detention centres were at capacity and there was a risk of water entering the camp.

The government has since taken the camp down to one room, but many of the people have not been allowed to leave the area, including those who are not being allowed to eat, sleep or drink.

The Australian Government has said that it will not pay for the “extraordinary cost” of operating the centres on Manu.

“The costs of operating Manus detention centre and other facilities are an extraordinary amount for a small island like Manus where the Government’s primary focus

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