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National Guard Make-Up How shoe guards are now protecting the president from terrorists

How shoe guards are now protecting the president from terrorists

The shoe guards have become the national guard for President Donald Trump, and he can now take the gloves off.

The National Guard has been called out for a number of threats that have been thwarted by the president, including an attempted mass shooting on the Capitol grounds.

But the Trump administration has also made other changes to the way the national guards work.

The guard will now use a special “fiberglass” shoe that can withstand high temperatures and withstand gunfire.

That makes it more difficult to fire and less likely to be destroyed by bullets.

And it has also been upgraded to more durable, water-resistant fabrics that are designed to be more resistant to the elements and water.

This is the Trump National Guard’s new “fibers” shoes.

The military says they’re so tough they won’t break in rain.

Here’s what a military “fIBER” looks like.

This is what it looks like in a field test.

More: Trump National Guardsmen are being asked to wear waterproof socks that can endure up to 20 inches of rain in an eight-hour period, and they can still protect their hands.

And while they’re wearing gloves, the guards are wearing special, waterproof gloves to protect themselves.

The president has also ordered the Pentagon to give more power to the National Guard in cases where there’s a terrorist attack on the nation’s Capitol or a federal building, according to The Washington Post.

In other words, the president can call up the National Guards for help, even when there’s no real threat.

The boots, boots, gloves and other protective gear will now be worn by about 50,000 soldiers in the National Military Reserve.

That’s an increase from just 15,000 earlier this year.

The Pentagon is also asking all military personnel to be trained in the proper use of their protective gear.

It says about 2,000 of the soldiers will be assigned to the Special Operations Division, which is made up of special forces personnel.

It’s not yet clear when the National Security Guard will be formally activated.

But Trump has promised that, once he is sworn in, the Guard will “be the most effective security force for our country ever.”

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