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National Guard Make-Up How to spot a home guard in Arizona

How to spot a home guard in Arizona

A new video posted on YouTube by the Arizona State University football team shows how to spot home guards in the Arizona school system.

The video was made on Saturday and the team is sharing it with the public in an effort to get more players to look out for each other.

The video was posted by the team’s website, and the description reads: “Home guards are typically the biggest threats to your team.

They are a tough, physical presence who are the best at holding up the front of the defense.

We need to get our guys out there and be more physical with them.”

While the video was directed toward offensive linemen, there is also a section on defensive linemen and how to get the ball out quickly and effectively.

The team also talked about the importance of staying alert in the face of a home team’s aggression.

A couple of weeks ago, the team posted a video on Twitter showing an Oregon Ducks defender throwing a punch at the head of a Texas Longhorns offensive lineman.

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