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National Guard Make-Up How to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifier between Hungary and Hungary

How to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifier between Hungary and Hungary

It is not easy to predict how Hungary will perform against Serbia on Thursday, but the National Guard can be counted on to be there.

The Hungarian FA has a list of 20 players from the national team that have been selected for their participation in the game, and if they can beat Serbia at the Arena Zagreb on Thursday night, they will be one of the players left.

The goalkeeper is one of them, and with that, a number of players from Hungary have been added to the national squad. 

The Hungarian FA is also looking for more experienced players in the team, and as the team has only been playing since November, there are still some gaps in the squad.

However, the players who will be there are a very few. 

If we are to predict who will line up on Thursday in the first game, we have to assume that goalkeeper Zoltan Szabó and centre-back Viktor Szabová will be the only ones to start, and that is unlikely to be the case.

Szaboz has been very inconsistent this season, but has managed to keep his place in the side in the past two games.

Szabo was also the first choice of the Hungarian national team for the World Cup qualifier against Serbia.

Szavaj was not selected for the match, but will likely have to be part of the squad for this one. 

Kostas Szabosczák is the other centre-forward that Hungary will be relying on.

Szabiński was a target of interest from several clubs around Europe, but after his loan move to Hungarian side Parma, he chose to stay in Hungary instead of returning to the States. 

While Szaboscik is an exciting prospect, it would be an enormous disappointment if he is not included in the starting line-up. 

This is the second match in a row where Hungary have faced Serbia, and the home side has already shown that they are ready to take on the side from the North Caucasus. 

In a 2-0 win against Serbia in Hungary’s first match at the World Rugby tournament, Szabotski made three saves to keep Hungary in the match. 

It was a good start for the Hungarian team, as they dominated the first half and the second half and were able to get a deserved win. 

A couple of other Hungarian players will be available for selection on Thursday as well, including Gediminas Tsz-Cenk, Szabó, Vítor Štak, Giannis Szabo, José Marcelo, Andrzej Szakosi, Karol Mokrzyszyn, László Szabob, Alessandro Fabbri, Krisztian Zsolt, Aleksandra Bojs, Sergey Kuznetsov and Rudolf Zuścik. 

Hungary will host Serbia on March 13, 2018. 

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