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National Guard About US Navy rescues 11 women who escaped from boat after being rescued

US Navy rescues 11 women who escaped from boat after being rescued

On July 7, US Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Katie Hoehn and her friends were part of a rescue mission when they went out to sea to try to find the four remaining survivors of a boat they were stranded on, the USS Oklahoma.

Hoehm and her companions were rescued by the USS Iowa and the USS California.

Hoeshn, her boyfriend and two other women were on the Oklahoma when they became trapped.

Hosehn, who had a prior criminal history, told CNN that she was “brave enough” to risk her life to rescue the women.

“It was a tough time for us, especially because we were going to be going through a lot,” Hoehner said.

The women were rescued off the coast of Virginia Beach, Virginia. “

I had no idea that it would end up that way.”

The women were rescued off the coast of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Hokehn and the other women, who were from the United States and the United Kingdom, said they had been separated from their friends and family in the months leading up to the mission.

They said they were given the order to go to shore when the ship started to take on water and they did not know they were to be stranded.

They were rescued from the Oklahoma’s watery hold by the Iowa and California, which were then joined by the United Nations ship Ocean Shield.

The group was rescued from about 300 miles off the California and taken to a US Naval ship.

Hikehn told CNN she and her pals were on a rescue trip that lasted about a week.

The Iowa, which was a helicopter, was carrying medical supplies and medical equipment and was being used to transport the survivors to shore, Hoehner said.

The California, a helicopter with medical supplies, was used to carry the survivors back to shore.

The Coast Guard is working to determine what happened to the Oklahoma, which is now in San Diego.

It is unclear if any of the women survived the rescue.

The Oklahoma’s crew reported that the group was able to make it back to San Diego with the help of the California, according to the Coast Guard.

It was not immediately clear what happened during the rescue mission.

The women said they spent the night aboard the Oklahoma.

They spoke to CNN on condition of anonymity out of concern for their safety.

Hohn, who is also a member of the United Nation’s refugee committee, said that after the rescue, they went to the local homeless shelter and found food and other supplies.

“The next day, we started to get a lot of attention,” Hohn said.

Hosenfeld told CNN it is rare to see the people who survive a rescue from a ship.

“Most of the times, the ship is a disaster waiting to happen, and we know that it’s a difficult time, but this is one that we did it,” she said.

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