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National Guard Make-Up Rash guard swimsuits on sale in India

Rash guard swimsuits on sale in India

Rash guard swimmers are selling their swimwear and other swimwear products in India in a bid to gain a foothold in the country’s lucrative market.

The Indian government is yet to formally approve the purchase of swimwear, which has long been a lucrative business in India. 

Rash Guard Swimwear is the latest company to jump into the Indian market with a range of products. 

The brand was launched in April this year and aims to sell its products to “thousands of individuals, families, companies, universities, and schools” in India, said an official statement. 

“The Rash Guard Swimming Association, which is also the head of the National Guard Swimmers Association (NGSWA), is keen on gaining a foothold with the Indian consumer.

It wants to introduce new products and services for its members in the future,” the statement added.

The brand is set to launch its first swimwear collection in 2019, the official said.

Rashguard Swimming will focus on the products of “thirteen major brands” in the market, including Nike, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Under Armour, Adidas-Nike, Undertak, and Undertow.

The Rashguard Swimsuits website also lists brands such as Nike, Underwear, Undertex, Reubell, and Reeboy.

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