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What happens if Virginia loses to Virginia Tech?

The Virginia football team has yet to officially play the Hokies, but it is the team that Virginia fans are most excited about.

It is the Virginia team that has been the subject of a lot of speculation and conjecture, most notably the rumors that Virginia will lose to Virginia.

So far, however, it appears as if the Virginia football program will not be losing to Virginia, even if Virginia is the only team that the Hokiness will play on the Saturday before the season opener.

But as the season approaches and the Cavaliers begin the long road back to the ACC, they will need to win the Virginia game. 

Virginia’s season opener on Saturday night at the Georgia Dome will be the first time that the Cavaliers will play a game against another team that will not have a season opening date. 

But as a reminder, Virginia is not the only ACC team that may play on Saturday. 

The next ACC game against a non-ACC opponent will be on November 28 at Georgia Tech. 

On November 25, Georgia will host Duke in a neutral-site game, and On December 3, Virginia will host South Carolina in a neutral-game. 

All three of these games will be played on the same day, so they will be set to start at 7:00pm EST on Saturday, and the teams will play for 1 hour and 45 minutes. 

In the event that Virginia does not play, the Cavaliers have two games on their schedule in November, a doubleheader on November 21 against Virginia Tech, and a home game against Georgia Tech on November 26. 

What does this mean for Virginia? 

The Cavaliers are one of the most hyped teams in the nation, and they will likely have a great season.

But what if Virginia wins the Virginia Tech game? 

Well, the Hokiest won’t have the chance to win Virginia and they would have to play the rest of the season on the road. 

That leaves Virginia with one game against the other ACC teams that could win the ACC Coastal Division title. 

This means that Virginia’s win on Saturday will almost certainly not be enough to secure a spot in the ACC Championship Game. 

There are still a few teams that are on the verge of the Coastal Division final that could be on the line if Virginia lost to Virginia and the Hokieds win. 

Michigan, Louisville, Syracuse, and Wake Forest are all looking like the favorite to win their respective divisions, and if Virginia gets a win against Virginia, the rest are just too far away to win.

In that scenario, the only thing that would keep Virginia from winning the ACC championship would be if the Cavaliers lost to the Hokie’s, and that is unlikely. 

So, who should be rooting for Virginia to win on November 22? 

If Virginia wins, the Virginia fans will probably get a little bit excited.

But if Virginia doesn’t win, it will leave Virginia with the most exciting season in the history of the ACC. 

If the Virginia Cavaliers win, the fans will likely get a bit more nervous.

But the Cavaliers can win this game.

They are the favorites in the Coastal division. 

Now that the season is underway, the season will move forward. 

And with that, let us take a look at what the Virginia season could look like if the Hokiers lose on November 23. 

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