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National Guard Make-Up The New York National Guard has joined the Pennsylvania National Guard

The New York National Guard has joined the Pennsylvania National Guard

On Saturday, the Pennsylvania State National Guard joined the Delaware National Guard.

Penn State’s Guard announced in a tweet that it will join the Delaware Guard in the event of a state of emergency.

The announcement comes a day after President Donald Trump called Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, asking him to “send a clear signal to the rest of the US that we will not stand idly by” in the face of an unfolding crisis.

Wolf has already asked the Pennsylvania Army National Guard to join the Pennsylvania Guard and has asked the state’s governor to send a clear message to the state that they will not be intimidated.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolfe has asked Pennsylvania Governor Matt Wolf to send him a clear #TrumpMessage. — Governor Tom (@GovTomWolf) September 22, 2021Pennsylvania’s National Guard will be headquartered in Philadelphia.

The new National Guard is made up of more than 1,400 Pennsylvanians who have completed their training.

The Pennsylvania Guard is also made up mostly of soldiers who served in Afghanistan.

Wolf told reporters that the Pennsylvanian Guard is a force for peace.

The Pennsylvian Guard is comprised of soldiers that served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The National Guard also has members who have served in the Middle East and has been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Pennsylvania has always been a safe state.

But I believe the time has come to make a bold move to create a safe and secure environment for our men and women in uniform, and to do so by putting them to work on the front lines,” Wolf said in a statement.

Penn State has been on alert for a number of days.

On Saturday, state troopers were dispatched to the Statehouse to enforce the state of emergencies and to help evacuate citizens who needed help.

Pennsylvanian Governor TomWolf on Saturday, September 22 at noon ET.

PennState State troopers are now on the scene of the State House.

pic, — GovernorTom (@GovThomasWolf) March 7, 2021The state of Pennsylvania is in the midst of a major emergency.

The Governor of the state has ordered the Pennsylvania state guard to help in the fight against an unfolding national crisis.

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