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National Guard About What happens when you hire an agent to clean up your hair?

What happens when you hire an agent to clean up your hair?

We don’t need a hair clipper to clean your hair, according to a former employee at a major hair clippings company.

The hair clippers company has been criticised for hiring a former hair clipping agent, who allegedly “spent months cleaning up clients’ hair” before being fired.

The revelation comes after it emerged the company had hired a man who had been “frequent” on its salon floor for five years and “worked tirelessly to make his job easier”.

The agent allegedly “worked hard” to make the jobs of the hair clipped customers “easier” in order to “make money”.

The man had worked at the company for six years, the BBC reported.

He was fired from his position in December last year after two years on the job.

The BBC reported that the agent, described by the company as a “career agent”, “tried to sell” his clients on using the hair clip cleaning service.

He told the news outlet he had been hired to help customers “make ends meet”.

The company said the agent had not “been involved in any criminal activity or misconduct”, and the agency would not comment on the allegations.

The company was unable to confirm whether the agent was paid, the report said.

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