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A new gun: A bulletproof rifle

An Indian government agency has developed a bulletproof firearm for defence purposes, a development that will help the army fight an aggressive enemy.

The new rifle, developed under the National Rifle and Pistol Board (NRPB), is designed to be carried in the hand and fired in three seconds.

The NRPB, headed by the then-prime minister Manmohan Singh, is expected to have a large arsenal of weapons and armaments, including the Army’s main long-range sniper rifle, the Kalashnikov assault rifle and the country’s only medium-range gun, the M16 assault rifle.

The NRPB has also been exploring the development of self-protection and self-destructing weapons, a move that could be crucial to the government’s plans to boost the army’s firepower.

The rifle is called the ‘Bulletproof Rifle’ and was developed by the NRPB under the supervision of a senior government official, according to a copy of the project document obtained by The Hindu.

The document does not detail the specifications of the gun.

A spokesman for the NRB, G.S. Chaudhary, confirmed that the bulletproof gun has been developed and was being tested in India.

“The design is based on the existing semi-automatic rifles and the bullet-proof bullet is manufactured by the company Rambhampati, which also produces bulletproof rifles for the US and Israel,” he said.

“This is not a prototype, and it is being tested for the first time in India.”

The NRPB has also taken up the development and testing of the Naga-Rifle, a long-distance sniper rifle.

It has been approved by the Ministry of Defence.

The Naga Rifle has been designed to operate from the waist and has a range of 500 metres.

“It has been fitted with a special gun-pistol ammunition,” Chaudhi said.

The Naga is being developed in collaboration with an unnamed Indian company, he said, without elaborating.

The development comes amid a spate of suicides and gun violence in India, with at least 60 people, including seven police officers, killed in the past year alone.

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