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National Guard About How to get a job as a door guard at the UK’s £2.3 billion prison at Chichester

How to get a job as a door guard at the UK’s £2.3 billion prison at Chichester

The prison at the north London prison site of Chichesturr is being privatised, with a new owner expected to make significant cuts to staff and facilities.

Key points:The prison will be the largest in the UK and the largest outside of the USThe £2 billion project will also see more than 300 new prisoners and staffThe prison has already lost some of its original staff and staff have been offered jobs on the prison premisesThe prison’s future is uncertain, with many staff leaving in protest and protests are planned for April and MayThe Chichesters new owner, the prison’s former private operator, is expected to take the job of the prisons most senior staff.

However, staff at the prison have also been offered a job on the new site, where the majority of inmates will be housed.

The prison, which was built in the 1970s, was built by the private prison company Corrections Corporation of America in cooperation with the Department of Corrections, but closed in 2012 due to a budget cut.

It was one of the largest private prison facilities in the world and was used by the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, according to the US Department of Justice.

It is estimated that more than 400 inmates will spend time in Chichests prisons.

In the past few months, there have been protests against the closure of Chichises prisons, which are operated by private companies, including Corrections Corporation.

However many of the staff have also left the prison and are now looking for work, with some of the job offers being made via social media.

Some of the jobs offer are expected to be more lucrative than other jobs offered on the site.

One job offer posted on the Twitter account of the Corrections Corporation (@CCcorp) said: “Looking to join the prison staff as a guard.

Can you come to ChicheSturr to do this?

You’ll get to stay in Chichsters and the prisoners will thank you.

If you have a good attitude and love your job we’ll be delighted to help.”

It added that the job would start at the end of the month.

Other job postings on the social media account have also suggested that some of those who will be in the prison may be part of a protest group, with the tweet: “You’ll get a chance to make a difference on the inside of Champs, if you want to get involved.”

Many of the inmates have also offered to help the local community, saying: “There will be more than 2,000 people working at the Chichets prisons to protect and care for the community.

We will be working with our community to keep our doors open.”

It is not yet known how many inmates will work at the new prison, but it is understood that staff will work in isolation cells to ensure prisoners do not interfere with their health or safety.

There is also a possibility that some prisoners may be housed on the private property.

The Prison Services Agency (PSA) is overseeing the development of the Chichise’s facilities.

A spokesperson for the prison said: ‘We will continue to meet the high standard of operational and operational performance that we have achieved for years.’

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