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National Guard About Why does the Coast Guard train edge guards?

Why does the Coast Guard train edge guards?

Coast Guard Edge Guard Training Course(CCT) was created by the Coast Protection Department to train Coast Guard edge guards.

The CCT was designed to help officers and staff develop situational awareness and a basic understanding of Coast Guard operations.

A new course is now available to the public.

The Coast Guard said the new course was created to increase the overall awareness of Coast Guards and improve their effectiveness in protecting the U.S. from marine and shore life threats.

The new course covers a range of topics including: how to manage stress, the Coast guard, the maritime environment, environmental health and environment, marine operations, marine transportation, and maritime security.

It also focuses on the role of a Coast Guard officer in the protection of the Coast.

The course is designed to be used by both the public and private sector.

For the latest news on the Coast, visit the Coastguard website.

Coast Guard Coast Guard Guard Edge Guards will be deployed in the western Pacific and eastern Gulf of Mexico to assist in protecting and assisting the U

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