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National Guard Lifestyle What to expect from the national guard’s first major show in four years

What to expect from the national guard’s first major show in four years

The National Guard has been busy.

While the National Guard is in a period of transition, they’re getting ready for a huge show.

The National Guardsmen’s Association will be taking part in the event, but they’re not going to be holding any actual training.

They’re holding the first National Guard show in a decade, and that will be in Washington, DC.

There will be some demonstrations, but it won’t be anything big like a traditional military parade.

It will be something a bit different, something that’s a bit more relaxed, and they’re hoping that people will enjoy the experience, that they’ll have a good time, and the show will go well. 

The National Guard are very much aware of the challenges that the military faces.

This is a very tough time for the military.

It’s been a really tough period for our military in the aftermath of the economic crisis, the sequester, and we’re in a transition period.

And we need to keep our troops healthy and ready for whatever the next phase of our fight is going to bring. 

As the National Guardsman’s Association, we want to be a part of that transition.

We want to give back to the military and be an important part of their celebration. 

We want to keep everyone’s eyes on us.

And that’s why we’re putting on this show in Washington DC.

We’re looking forward to being a part.

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