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How to prevent neck injuries during a football game

The head of the Israel National Guard says the country is working on a new helmet design that will prevent head injuries in football matches.

The National Guard has been studying the idea of a head protector for football matches since 2010, when the first one was put on the market.

The helmets were intended to protect the head from the blows from football players, who are known to get their heads tangled in their cleats during the match.

The Israeli Defense Forces have used head injuries as a weapon in the past, but the latest helmets do not have a helmet blade on the front, and are not designed to be able to withstand blows from a full football team.

The head protection of a football helmet will be different than that of a basketball helmet, where the blade can be on the back.

The helmets of the Israeli Football League (IFFL) are currently in production.

In 2016, they were awarded the league’s prestigious “Best Headgear Award” by the International Federation of Football Associations.

The IFAFA award was given for the “highest quality helmet that is used in the production of the IFAFL.”

The IFL has been awarded the “Headgear of the Year” since 2008.

In addition to the helmet, the Israeli Defense Force also uses a variety of protective equipment for military activities, including the protective body armor.

In recent years, the IDF has also been using a special helmet for soldiers who are injured in the line of duty.

The IDF says that the helmets that are used for military purposes have been developed in collaboration with the International Association of Headwear and Equipment (IAHEA).

The IHAEA, a global organization of more than 4,000 professional sports companies, manufactures protective body and face shields.

The IFFL has taken the lead in developing the helmets, but its current helmet is not up to the standards of the International League of Headgear Manufacturers (ILMB).

In 2018, the ILMB announced that the IFFL helmet had surpassed its own helmet standards.

In 2020, the IFPA said that the IHAEA had surpassed the IFMB standards for the headgear.

In a statement, the IBA said that its goal is to develop a new helmets, while the IFL is working to achieve the same.

“We are working to improve the current helmets that meet the IHEA’s standards and that have been approved by the IAF for military use, and that will be the first step to developing a helmet that meets the requirements of the military,” the statement said.

“The IBA, in cooperation with the IFFA, will work to produce a helmet for the IDF that meets our standards and is ready for use by the military.

The IBA will also provide technical assistance for the IPA to implement this new helmet.”

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