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Man found dead in Walmart after shooting, police say

A man found dead Saturday in a Walmart in northern Georgia has been identified as the man who opened fire in a store in the state’s central Georgia town on Monday, authorities said.

The man was found dead about 1 a.m. at the Walmart in the small town of Alabaster, according to a news release from the Alabasters Police Department.

The cause of death has not been released.

The shooting, which authorities described as an “intentional shooting,” took place in the parking lot and was not a targeted attack, the Alawastan Police Department said in a news bulletin.

Police said they are investigating whether the shooting was a hate crime or a robbery.

Alabastans are not the only people in the nation to commit a shooting spree targeting Walmart stores in recent months.

On Dec. 3, two men opened fire at a Walmart store in Fort Myers, Florida, killing two people and wounding another nine.

Walmart has reported a total of three shootings in the United States since June 2015, according the company.

Walmart employees and shoppers in the area said they had never seen anything like it.

A store security guard was injured in the shooting in June.

A Walmart employee who had worked for the company for a decade told The Associated Press he heard the commotion and looked outside to see what was going on, only to see a man with a rifle walking around the store.

“I didn’t see anything,” he said.

“He was standing right next to the counter and had a rifle in his hand.”

The Alabasan Police department, which covers parts of the southeastern United States, is the only department in Georgia that has reported any shooting at Walmart.

Walmart is a chain of about 2,600 stores.

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