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National Guard Lifestyle Why the National Guard has been out of work since the hurricane

Why the National Guard has been out of work since the hurricane

The National Guard, the nation’s oldest and largest, was already struggling to keep up with the increasing demands of hurricane recovery.

The military and the White House were already struggling with how to handle the rising costs and shortages that came with rebuilding the U.S. after the devastating 2011 Superstorm Sandy.

Now, as the nation struggles to get back on its feet, the National Guards and other military agencies are looking for new funding to keep them going, the New York Times reports.

The national guard is a state and local government agency that operates as a “military-style command post,” meaning it’s tasked with maintaining law enforcement, military forces and government offices in the states and other states.

The service was formed in 1877 to help manage federal and state departments, including the courts, prisons, schools, the military and military bases, and other public agencies.

The New York Post says the service’s fiscal situation is dire, with the Army and Air Force being hit hardest by the devastating storm, and the National Parks Service having to shut down for months because of a lack of funding.

The National Guards is in the middle of a funding crisis.

The Post reports that the National Military Reserve System, which is supposed to fund the National Capital Region, has not been paid for more than $1 billion of its $4.8 billion budget since the storm.

This has left the National Governors Association, which represents governors, scrambling to get new money from Congress to help the National Security Agency, the Defense Department and other federal agencies.

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