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National Guard About Oklahoma football’s first MLB hit: OPI throws out pitch from mound

Oklahoma football’s first MLB hit: OPI throws out pitch from mound

The Associated Press — The Ohio State baseball team is getting a new baseball elbow guard for its players.

The Ohio state baseball team will have an MLB elbow guard on hand when the Buckeyes play the Michigan Wolverines in the Pac-12 opener on Saturday.

The Buckeyes have been wearing a baseball elbow brace for the last several years, and a new elbow guard is expected to make the Buckeye pitchers more comfortable and allow the Buckeys players to throw to the side of the plate, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

The new elbow brace was developed by a firm based in California.

The first MLB MLB elbow guards were designed for use by the Dodgers in the 1990s.

The baseball elbow guards are designed to be worn on the mound by MLB pitchers during batting practice and/or in the dugout when they’re batting practice is over.

Ohio State players have worn the elbow guards for the past three seasons, according to a school release.

The school is working with Nike on the new MLB elbow brace.

The shoulder-and-arm band and the shoulder pads are the same for all MLB teams, and the brace is made of polyurethane.

The elbow guards also have a removable shoulder pad, and players can remove it when they are not in the game.

Ohio’s MLB team has already used the new elbow guards on the field and in the locker room.

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